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We’ve rounded up some quintessential candids showing how Canadians are staying to their roots while managing the global COVID-19 pandemic. While everyone deals with change differently, Canadians will always be Canadians.

  1. Innovative journalists make it work with a classic Canadian multi-tool.

  1. No birthday parties allowed? That’s okay, we’ll find a way to celebrate!

  1. We are spending as much time in the great outdoors as we can but it is still Spring… and even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gets cold.

  1. We’re learning new lyrics with the legendary Dave Carroll:

Or timing it just right with a chorus of a Nova Scotian classic:

  1. Even with a 6-foot distance rule, Canadians are finding ways to be healthy and socialize with family and friends.
If you cannot tell, that is yet again another hockey stick.

  1. Whether it is Christmas lights or paper hearts, people are keeping spirits high and showing their appreciation for frontline workers.

  1. A polite twist from Sorry to Thank You.

  1. You will definitely still catch us in (physically distant) lines for our favourite beverages.

  1. Canadians are spreading generosity in any way possible, from serving hot meals to truck drivers, to providing groceries and supplies to those in need. Here are just a few of our favourites stories of how Canadians are lending a hand: 

‘They need me’: N.S. woman giving free meals to truckers amid COVID-19 closures

These stores are reserving shopping hours for seniors

Justin Trudeau Shared A Thread Of COVID-19 Good News & It’s The Boost We Needed

  1. And last but certainly not least, Dalhousie University is on route to finding a vaccine for COVID-19.

Dalhousie research team prepares for clinical trial of COVID-19 vaccine

Alyson Kelvin from Dalhousie University is a visiting professor at the University of Saskatchewan lab inside VIDO-InterVac in Saskatoon. (Liam Richards/The Canadian Press)

As COVID-19 continues we want to remind everyone about the importance of practicing safe social/physical distancing. Try your best to help out where you can and use this time of uncertainty to spread positivity and joy to those around you.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

-Helen Keller 

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