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Ocean playground & technology supercluster

Product ReviewResources reviews digital industry leaders in Nova Scotia highlights industry leaders in Nova Scotia

We were thrilled to be included in a review posted by Digital Canada aims to showcase digital leadership and showcase pioneers of digital innovation across Canada.

Their overall objective is to ask and answer the question, ‘How can Canada become the world’s leading digital nation?’

Excerpt from the article

The purpose of Digital Canada is to showcase the nation’s digital pioneers, experts and hot startups, which will include breaking this down to regional reviews at a provincial level.

With a history of being Canada’s ocean playground, Nova Scotia is also a province positioned for the 21st century future through it’s high growth tech sector…

Founded in 2014 another hot tech venture is LifeRaft. Their Navigator product intelligently mines online information to detect and alert you to any potential threats to your organization’s people, property, or operations.

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Heatherington Group recently reviewed the Navigator Platform — read it here.