How to demonstrate the ROI of your physical security program

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If you work as a leader and corporate security, then you have probably heard this question when speaking to executives, “What is the ROI on that?“

Security leaders have a responsibility to address a growing number of threats against their organizations. That requires more people, more technology, and more budget.

Unfortunately, this reality is not always evident to decision makers. Executives want to see a measurable return on every dollar they spend. But the benefits of a well run physical security program are largely invisible.

In this edition of the LifeRaft Security Conversations series, Chairman and Co-founder of, Phil Harris, discusses how security leaders can better articulate the value of their physical security program.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to measure the ROI of your physical security program.
  • How to play corporate politics (and get what you want).
  • Why decision makers see security as a bloated cost center (and how to fix that perception)
  • Why security departments often get siloed in organizations
  • How to ask executives for a larger budget.
  • What physical security professionals can learn from their peers in cybersecurity
  • What corporate leaders need to know about their company’s 10-K document

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