What are alt-tech social networks (and why they matter to security pros)?


At LifeRaft, we know many of our customers are concerned about the rise of alt-tech social networks.

New moderation rules have forced millions to abandon mainstream offerings from Silicon Valley. That has resulted in the rise of new sites like Gab, Parler, Minds, and others.

This creates a big challenge for security professionals.

No one wants to be caught off guard by a threat that you later learn was published right in plain sight. But if you’re only monitoring mainstream social networks, it could mean overlooking a serious risk to your organization.

In this interview, we check in with LifeRaft OSINT analyst Spencer Oliphant. He advises clients on how to monitor social media to safeguard their people and operations.

During their conversation, you’ll learn:

  • What are alt-tech social networks and why they’re relevant to security professionals (0:20).
  • Why alt-tech social networks have exploded in popularity (1:07).
  • What kind of content you can find in these communities (2:40).
  • The best approach to learning how threat actors operate in these spaces (4:35).
  • The fastest-growing alt-tech social network to watch right now (5:15).
  • The secret internet comment section invisible to ordinary web surfers (6:25).
  • Whether Parler is still relevant to security professionals following its recent shutdown (9:20).
  • The most important alt-tech social networks for security professionals to watch right now (12:23).
  • How these communities will likely evolve over the next few years (13:05).

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